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Starting F#

Posted by Unni on August 13, 2008

For last couple of months I have been trying to get a handle of F# whenever I got a chance. I was reading books and trying out samples and finally I am getting a hang of it. Even though I know it is going to be long hard road for me, I am going to give a full try. When I started reading F#, I was doing it for fun to see what it has to offer and in the begining I concluded that it is more of an academic than commercial use. But more and more I read I see its place in common work place if used wisely. I can not explain them right now since I can not put them down properly yet since I am still exprimenting with that.

There are lof nice blogs, book and groups available to get started quickly. If you know any kind of funcational programming then it would be right at home for you. But for me, I started my development in procedural programming. When OOP model came out, I was still coding in COBOL and then I was forced to work on OOP model without much of any training or reading. It was a mess in the begining but finally I was able to understand the concept and able to appriciate it. One of the reason I started reading F# is to have a head start before it too late like last time (more selfish).

This blog series more of my notes as I learn F#.


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