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Excellent F# starting point..

Posted by Unni on May 10, 2011

Anyone who is interested in learning F#, please visit the VisualFSharp.com It has excellent document on F#.


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Installing F# in Mac

Posted by Unni on August 21, 2008

So far I used on XP/Vista to do my F# expriments. At home I prefer to use Mac so I decided to install F# in Mac today. I attempted to install F# sometime back in my other Mac and I ran into lot of problem at that time. I think that was one of the reason I stayed out F# (good excuse).

Today I gave it a go and to my surprise the install was very painless except couple of caviats. Have a look at the following url for some very decent information on how to install F# on Mac. If you still have problem send me a mail..


Here is a short version of how I went about installing.

  1. Download and install Mono. Very simple and no special instrcutions required.
  2. Download F# zip file, unzip and drop the files in a directory of your choice.
  3. At the terminal,  run the following commands “chmod +x install-mono.sh” from the root directory where this file is located. Now run “sh install.mono.sh”, this will install all the required components and you might see some errors, just ignore them.
  4. Now in the terminal itself, try “mono bin/fsi.exe” this will open up F# console. Remember, it is very slow in loading. So please be patient.
  5. One additional problem you might run into is the delete key doesn’t work. How to resolve is explained in the same link as well. But if you need help send me a mail.

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