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I have been programming for the last 15+ years and I spend most of my early carriers working on procedural oriented languages, more precisely COBOL. When the whole world moved on to OOP I jumped from COBOL to dBaseIII+ (I wonder why – I guess nobody was there to support it)/Java and then to C# (migrating all the legacy code). I have been coding C++ during my dBase career for some reason I didn’t enjoy it (because of all the scary pointers). Then came C# and in the first ‘Hello World’ program I fell in love with the language (it remained me of Java) and coding in C# ever since. 

Ruby is my part time language. I home I experiment things in Ruby and rails. Last year, while doing some of the school work I came across F# and I liked what it has to offer. I haven’t done anything major in F# but I can see what it is going to do when it goes main stream.

If you guys want to send any mails please send it to me coder.unni at gmail.com

Have fun…


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